In the penultimate episode of Marvel Studios “Loki”, we last saw the god of mischief waking up in a strange apocalyptic world after being pruned by the TVA minutemen, looking straight up at a collection of Loki variants, including an alligator!


And if you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, you’d be wrong as this episode continues to expand on the idea of multiple versions of characters, that are very different to the Loki we know.    We finally get to meet President Loki, who actually looked like the Loki we know and love (I don’t get why more of the variants don’t look like the normal Loki!), plus Richard E Grant playing an older version of Loki, who escaped Thanos by pretending to be an object, a kid Loki who killed Thor and Boastful Loki, who wants to be king.

The addition of more Loki variants continues to make this a very strange series and puts this show on a different level.  The special effects in this episode are on par with anything in a Marvel film, and there are plenty of big action-packed scenes, plus lots of humour and little easter eggs that Marvel fans will be going over for years to come.

Getting Richard E Grant in to play an older classic version of Loki, who has learned from his mistakes and has a massive moment where he casts a spell to recreate the iconic Asgard, is simply stunning and also very poetic.  Showing how Loki, really does love Asgard and still considers it home.

Sylvie also proves she made a connection with “our” Loki in the final moments on Lamentis, when she sends herself off to the end of the world when she learns the truth about what happens when someone is pruned.  Seeing her reunite with Morbus, who we previously thought had been pruned, is another fun moment in this episode, which is only topped with they all reunite and take down the big bad beast to lead us into the finale.

We get a few glimpses of some of the internal conflict within the TVA, with a fantastic scene between Renslayer and B-15.  I’m really hoping at some point Morbus does come face to face with Renslayer to find out the truth about himself.

“Loki” has just got weirder and weirder through each episode and is no doubt going to have a long-standing impact on the larger MCU.    While this episode is a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it, it’s hard to explain when I sit and think about what happened. Where there are lots of big fight scenes and CGI effects, we aren’t any closer to the truth about the TVA than before.   Next week’s finale is going to either fix everything or set up a potential second season, because unlike “WandaVision” or “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”, it’s much less clear where the show is going.  We still don’t know who the big villain is.  Is it Kang?  Is it Mestipho?  Is it another Loki?  Or someone else?    And considering how many times we’ve seen Loki die, he also too has to be coming back at some point.

Episode 5 is a lot of fun and has some big epic moments, plus some fab comedy moments, but it didn’t blow me away.  “Loki” is quickly becoming one of my favourite Disney+ Originals so far, but will it hit its landing next week or have a little wobble?

Rating 4 out of 5.

Roger Palmer

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