One of this summer’s biggest comedies is going to be “Vacation Friends”, which stars Lil Rel Howery, Yvonne Orji, John Cena, and Meredith Hagner.  This will be the first 20th Century Studios film that is releasing directly onto Hulu and Star On Disney+ internationally.

The film tells the story of strait-laced Marcus and Emily are befriended by wild, thrill-seeking partiers Ron and Kyla, at a resort in Mexico. Living in the moment, the usually level-headed couple lets loose to enjoy a week of uninhibited fun and debauchery with their new “vacation friends.” Months after their walk on the wild side, Marcus and Emily are horrified when Ron and Kyla show up uninvited at their wedding, creating chaos and proving that what happens on vacation, doesn’t necessarily stay on vacation.

Recently John Cena spoke during a press event about starring in the film and shared some of his thoughts requiring good comedy timing for the film and how the pandemic helped him with that.

Because I’m surrounded by successful, wonderful comedians. So literally I just kinda have to sit there and let them be themselves.  And we all did have a really cool connection on set.  Like, the time spent in Puerto Rico was literally like a vacation. And we’re in these beautiful vistas and beautiful landscapes and a lot of it was still only partially inhabited because of Puerto Rico still going through their rebuilding process. So it was kind of just us hanging out. And then the pandemic happened, and we shut down. And we were one of the first productions to go back to work. And then we had those bonding moments of,  like, yo what have you been doing for the last how many months. And like, you’re the first people I’ve seen.

So we really did get to connect. And-and not only was I surrounded by people who are funny and that’s what they do, so that stuff was easy, we had a genuine time to connect as people and learn about each other and, you know, learn each other’s stories off camera. And I think that helped the chemistry on camera. So that’s why I really hope people, you know, en-enjoy the movie and laugh along with us. Because it was a layup, like it was fun.  It was really fun to do.   We challenged each other to bring the best out of each other, but in no way in a negative balance. Like, everybody… The vibe on set was really good and it was really fun to make.

“Vacation Friends” is coming to Hulu and onto Disney+ as a Star Original on Friday 27th August.

Are you looking forward to “Vacation Friends”?


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