As expected, Disney+ has grown to 110 Million subscribers, also expected is the growth of Disney+ is slowing in a lot of countries, so let’s have a look at the ways Disney can keep the growth going as the pandemic subscriber boost starts to slow, let’s discuss some ways they can continue their growth.

Launch In The Remaining Countries:

The first and most obvious one is for Disney to finish their international rollout. Currently, Disney+ isn’t available in the Philippines, South Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the whole of Africa. But even when Disney finishes its international rollout, it would lead to slowed growth yet again once every country has Disney+.

Add An Ad-Supported Tier:

Okay, I won’t go too in-depth into this one due to already having written an article on it, but I’ll sum it up here. Hulu (Disney+’s sister service) has a cheaper ad-supported tier, so I feel Disney+ should add a tier that costs half the price and has ads. This could lead to Disney+’s growth somewhat recovering as people who already have too many streaming options might be convinced to pay for a cheaper Disney+ tier.

More “Free” Promotions:

Disney+ could always continue their previous trend of teaming up with telecom companies like Verizon (US), O2 (UK), Sky (UK, Ireland) and StarHub (Singapore), to name a few and extend those trials to any more new customers. Disney also recently teamed up with Amazon Music to give a six-month Disney+ trial for new Amazon Music Unlimited customers. If Disney+ did this, it could lead to more people considering turning their free trial into a paid sub.

Launch Star In Remaining Disney+ Countries:

Now comes the most obvious one, Disney should launch Star into Disney+ in countries that do not have Star but have Disney+ like Latin America and the US. in most countries who have Disney+ they have content with higher age ratings than TV-14 and PG-13, which the US and Latin American Disney+ doesn’t offer. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has stated that 50% of Disney+ subscribers DO NOT have children, but since the US and Latin American Disney+’s lack basically any drama or comedies for adults, or a large library of movies that cover maturer stories than your PG-13 MCU movies Disney+ has become a lot more niche when compared to competitors.

Buyout Licensing Contracts:

Well, this one is probably the least likely to help Disney+ grow but theirs a chance, so I included it. It’s no secret in the US, Disney+ keeps removing titles. For example, on July 1st 2021, Disney+ in the US lost a total of FOUR movies to competing services. Currently, Disney has licencing agreements with HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Hulu (Disney owns the majority), Netflix and Amazon in the US for several Disney and 20th Century Studios movies leading to Disney+ US having a smaller catalogue than the likes of Australia, Canada or the UK.

Buying out the contracts could lead to Disney+ gaining more of its parent company’s catalogue, which could lead to more fans subscribing with good word of mouth.

What do you think? Do you think any of these ideas would help Disney+ fix its slowed growth?


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Ethan Holloway

Ethan "Neil" Holloway is a huge Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar fan who grew up with Disney movies like Iron Man and The Lion King. Ethan has always been fascinated by movies especially ones that give a fair representation to those of disabled backgrounds and hopes to one day publish a novel with Disney Publishing Worldwide. You can call Ethan the "Disney Anime Guy" if you want.

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  1. ScionStorm July 19, 2021

    Not sure if this counts as growing their subscriber base but offering new features to Disney+ could attract new audiences. Since they shut down Radio Disney this year they could merge that brand into Disney+ and provide a music streaming feature comprised of all the music they own onto Disney+ including music videos and video clips from musical scenes from their films and shows along with the ability to create multiple personal playlists.

  2. Matt A. July 20, 2021

    As a subscriber in the US I do think they should add the Star brand here. I certainly want it. Disney would have to give it a different name since we already have Starz. Plus announcing when a title has to leave to go to another service would be nice. I don’t understand why Disney doesn’t do that. It’s nice to know when something has to leave a service. Every other service announces when titles have to leave their service why can’t Disney do the same?

  3. Kweku July 25, 2021

    Disney needs to go on an acquisition spree. To buy the biggest IPs in the world. The marvel content won't be enough for the rest of the world that can just pirate it. They need to offer diversity and some adult programming. They should bundle Star and Disney + into one service. Netflix has the best Korean shows, African shows, Japanese anime. Big IPs with cross-cultural value.

  4. Bill July 26, 2021

    Disney+ growth is doing good, better then Netflix, Marvel , Star wars and the Disney remakes is doing the job