While Disney continues to adjust and add in new features to Disney+, it still lacks as many features as other streaming services. Whilst they have profiles, a basic watchlist, continue watching and search features, Disney needs to do more to add and improve many features to make Disney+ a better service, so let’s look at some of the features they could add and ones they already have.

Feature To Improve:

 IMAX Enhanced Movies

Let’s first talk about one of the most exciting features added on Disney+ Day, but the way it was implemented had a lot to be desired. IMAX enhanced movies are a prime reason to go and experience movies in the cinema, so adding them to Disney+ was a no brainer. Then it was implemented, and it was only added to thirteen movies, all of which were Marvel movies.

Whilst I am a fan of Marvel, I do personally feel Disney could make more of a variety of movies from Disney’s other subsidiaries. In the future, I would like Disney to add IMAX releases for Star Wars movies, Avatar and Alita Battle Angel, which is streaming in my country, and any other big-budget 20th Century Studios sci-fi, horror or historical movies. Disney+’s IMAX enhanced movies leave a lot to be desired, and I feel as if Disney could improve this by adding the feature to more movies.

Watchlist Row On The Homepage

Now a feature Disney+ has had since launch is the fabled watchlist, a feature that allows you to save movies and TV series for viewing later on. The problem? This feature is basically useless on Disney+ as on the TV it’s a tab like movies and series, whilst on the mobile app, it’s buried under the profiles and settings sections. Disney needs to make the watchlist easier to access, and the easiest way to do it would be to add a watchlist row to the Disney+ homepage just above the “New to Disney+” section.

Coming Soon Section

On Disney+ Day, November 12th, Disney finally added the much desired “coming soon”, before randomly removing the feature from the service, but with a twist when compared to other services. The Disney+ “coming soon” section is currently mainly filled with pages to select original series and movies, but the list barely has any library content. Unless it’s a Disney+ Original, the “coming soon” section doesn’t even fully list what’s coming this week or next week unless it’s a Disney+ Original.

I feel like Disney should have the “coming soon” section at the very least list everything coming within the week ahead with a “coming soon” indicator on the thumbnail of each title, but that’s just my opinion. Disney needs to re-add this feature to help viewers find something to watch at least a week before officially making the content available to subscribers.

Features To Add:

Remove From Continue Watching

This is a feature that is desperately requested by many subscribers. Ever watch a movie or TV series on Netflix and decide it’s not for you, and then you just click the “remove from continue watching” row and find something else to watch? Well, if you try to remove anything from your continue watching on Disney+, well, you can’t. Disney+ lacks this very basic feature. Disney should add this feature as soon as possible. It would help subscribers clear out the stuff they’ve lost interest in or accidentally started viewing.


This one ties very closely with the previous feature I discussed, but let me explain. Netflix allows users to click a little bell so they can be notified of upcoming content on their service. I feel this feature could benefit Disney+ and could remind people to open the app every Wednesday and Friday, as well as for any “special occasion” drops people might have forgotten about.

New Indicators

Let’s be honest, this feature is a necessity for Disney+ since Disney seems to forget to add titles to the “New to Disney+” row or add them but put them halfway down the list when they’re added for some unexplained reason. Disney’s original streaming service in Japan, known as Disney Deluxe, had this feature, so Disney should be able to introduce it quite easily. The new indicators will be helpful for subscribers to figure out what movies and series were just added and what series have had new episodes added to the service.

Like/Dislike Button

This is a feature that Netflix offers that allows you to decide what you think of a series or a movie. If you hit the like, Netflix recommends you something similar if you hit the dislike, then they recommend something else, so why doesn’t Disney+ offer this feature? Disney could use this feature to help subscribers rediscover their favourite movies and series by merely clicking a like button so Disney can recommend more of their content or decide what not to recommend to you.

Overall Thoughts:

Disney+ might be quickly gaining on Netflix subscriber wise, but feature-wise, Disney+ is so far behind Netflix it’s as if they are on completely different planets. It was expected that Disney+ wouldn’t have all of the features that Netflix had back when Disney+ launched, but two years later, Disney+ still lacks so many basic features that Netflix has made industry standard.

Personally, I’d focus on sorting out the indicators for new content, adding a remove from continue watching feature and improving the coming soon features first and then slowly, adding the other missing features or improving the many standard features that Disney has poorly implemented. Whilst the inclusion of IMAX movies is really nice, Disney needs to improve on the variety of films that offer this feature for people who aren’t diehard Marvel fans. Disney also needs to re-add and improve the coming soon feature to add pages to all the content coming to Disney+ per month. The indicators for new content and new episodes is also very important as it will help subscribers discover what’s new to Disney+, and it’s something Netflix has done for a while.

All in all, I feel like Disney needs to up their game when it comes to adding and improving features on Disney+ to bring the service more in line with Netflix. Disney needs to do right by their fans and make Disney+ the best they possibly can.

What Do You Think? Are There Any Features You’d Like Disney+ To Add?

Ethan Holloway

Ethan "Neil" Holloway is a huge Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar fan who grew up with Disney movies like Iron Man and The Lion King. Ethan has always been fascinated by movies especially ones that give a fair representation to those of disabled backgrounds and hopes to one day publish a novel with Disney Publishing Worldwide. You can call Ethan the "Disney Anime Guy" if you want.

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  1. Rodrigo Barros December 12, 2021

    My number one issue with the service is the lack of classic/catalogue content being added with any sort of frequency. Then, there's the very limited wishlist. And finally, the inconsistency of extra audio tracks and subtitles.

  2. none December 12, 2021

    You missed the obvious and most important one, I need a way to select a show from the home screen to see it's details without auto playing it, and a way to exit a show back to episode selection. These missing ui features are incredibly frustrating.

  3. Ryan December 12, 2021

    Yes I agree Disney should add a coming soon section ASAP. This will help subscribers from constantly having to check Google, or other 3rd party sites online for titles coming soon to Disney+. Of course since I found out about whatsondisneyplus.com I usually am checking this site first for upcoming titles to Disney+. I also agree how they should do a better job at removing content you already watched. Yes this is useful if I am watching a series and if shows the last one I viewed, but for others I'm all done with, or ditto for movies then go ahead and remove them from what I already watched. On the other hand, I hope they don't become like Netflix and have a separate section for titles they recommend I "Watch Again." With all of the content out there I don't have time to re-watch stuff I already watched. Peacock is also having a terrible time from removing titles I already watched too, but didn't really like. I also agree Disney should add a Like/Dislike option to all shows & series. There are some titles I like and there are also others I don't like. I feel that is important for Disney and other viewers to know too. Although I wish this for all streaming sites not just Disney+, but I wish the Like/Dislike buttons offered a 3rd option for either Meh, or they didn't really like, or disliked watching. There has been a number of shows and movies I watched, but wasn't sure If I liked it, or didn't afterwards. Usually I give it a like because they gave an effort, or the cast/supporting cast was good, but sometimes that still doesn't make for a good movie (from a viewers point) likeable, or not to watch.

  4. Jerry December 12, 2021

    Here are my Top 4: Add the ability to turn off minimizing credits, or at least give the option to rewind and watch uninterrupted like every other service. Add back Disney through the Years/Disney By Decade for all the folks who like to watch in order. This was here until other countries got Star, then it was removed from ALL of our playlists Add the ability to create your own playlist. If 3rd party creators can do it, why can't Disney? (since no one else is doing it, this is my least important, but it would be cool and easy to do) Add ALL special features from Commentaries to Featurettes to all Disney owned films/shows. Even FX had all the Simpsons commentary. There is no reason not to have them here.