This holiday season, Disney+ is getting a number of Christmas themed films and shorts added, including a brand new film, “Home Sweet Home Alone” plus some classics such as “Jingle All The Way”. And we should also hopefully get some more Christmas specials and films on Disney+ in December, which will be announced at a later date.

Here’s the rundown:

Home Sweet Home Alone

Max Mercer is a mischievous and resourceful young boy who has been left behind while his family is in Japan for the holidays. So when a married couple attempting to retrieve a priceless heirloom set their sights on the Mercer family’s home, it is up to Max to protect it from the trespassers…and he will do whatever it takes to keep them out. Hilarious hijinks of epic proportions ensue, but despite the absolute chaos, Max comes to realize that there really is no place like home sweet home.

This brand new holiday film is coming to Disney+ around the world on Friday 12th November 2021.

Christmas Again

Ro isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well because she wants her life back the way it was—her parents back together, her dad’s new girlfriend and son out of the picture, and their family traditions to remain the same. After a disappointing celebration with her family, including her sister Gabriela “Gabby,” Abuela Sofia and Abuelo Hector, she makes a wish to a neighborhood Santa for a “do-over” and unexpectedly finds herself reliving Christmas day over and over … and over again. Now, in order to break the strange magical loop, Ro must learn to appreciate her loving family as it is, as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

This all-new Disney Channel Original Movie will be coming to Disney+ on Friday 3rd December.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa

Celebrate the season with all your favorite Muppets in this heartwarming and hilarious holiday movie. Whoopi Goldberg, Uma Thurman, Nathan Lane and other sensational guest stars join our fuzzy friends on a wild and wacky Christmas adventure full of side-splitting laughs and memorable music. When Gonzo forgets to mail three letters to Santa, he convinces Kermit and the gang to help him deliver the notes to the North Pole. Along the way, they discover that Christmas is the time to be with those you care about most, as they dash home to make a friend’s Christmas wish come true. Letters To Santa is hours of holiday fun for the entire family!

This Christmas Muppets special is coming to Disney+ in the US on Friday 19th November 2021.

Jingle All The Way

Howard, a haggard salesman, promises his son a Turbo Man toy for Christmas. He is forced to fight every parent and travel all over town to get the toy after he forgets to buy it.

“Jingle All The Way” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th November 2021

Duck The Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special

It’s touch-and-go for Donald when, instead of heading south for the winter with Daisy and all the other ducks for the winter, he insists on staying with Mickey and the gang to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.

“Duck The Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special” is coming to Disney+ in the US on Friday 26th November 2021

Ernest Saves Christmas

The story revolves around a man who attempts to help Santa Claus find a successor. Failure to find one would mean that there would be no Christmas. Will Santa find the right successor?

“Ernest Saves Christmas” is coming to Disney+ in the US on Friday 26th November 2021

Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa (Short)

Mrs. Claus enlists Wayne and Lanny on a secret mission to retrieve a mysterious item hidden deep within the office of Santa Claus!

This “Prep & Landing” short is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th November 2021

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Sid gets into Santa’s bad books when he accidentally destroys Manny’s valuable Christmas rock. He travels to the North Pole to get things right but only ends up making things sloppier.

“Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 26th November 2021

The Search For Santa Paws

Santa Claus and his faithful canine companion Santa Paws leave their chilly home at the North Pole on an important mission. They must try to persuade the heir of one of their greatest benefactors, toy store owner Mr Hucklebuckle, to continue with his grandfather’s good works.

“The Search For Santa Paws” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th November 2021

Jingle All The Way 2

Larry wants to gift his daughter Noel a doll that she so dearly desires. He races against Noel’s stepfather to get the doll in order to come out as the better father.

“Jingle All The Way 2” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th November 2021

Santa Buddies

At the North Pole, Father Christmas and his chief dog Santa Paws worry as the whole toys processing system is threatened by the weakening of its magical power source, the icicle drawing on Christmas spirit. When harshly rebuked Puppy Paws, wishing there was no Christmas and he a regular dog, runs away to Fernfield and joins the 5 Buddies siblings, power falls beneath minimum. Chief Elf Eli finds his trace and travels in an attempt to save his and the world’s Christmas spirit, but the six puppies face misunderstandings and the grim dog catcher Stan Cruge.

“Santa Buddies” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 5th November 2021

And don’t forget, there are plenty of other great Christmas movies available on Disney+ including:

The Muppets Christmas Carol

The Muppet’s rendition of Charles Dickens’ classic tale puts a unique twist on a favourite holiday story. With all the fantastic Muppet characters involved and one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time, this list wouldn’t have been right without some Muppets included.

Home Alone

One of my all-time favourite Christmas movies, this classic 20th Century Fox movie has everything I’d want from a Christmas film. It has mischief and mayhem as an eight-year-old Kevin McCallister makes the most of the situation after his family unwittingly leaves him behind when they go on Christmas vacation. But when a pair of bungling burglars set their sights on Kevin’s house, the plucky kid stands ready to defend his territory. By planting booby traps galore, adorably mischievous Kevin stands his ground as his frantic mother attempts to race home before Christmas Day.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

This animated classic features Mickey, Minnie and their famous friends for hilarious and heartwarming stories of their most memorable Christmases together. You get to experience a merry collection of adventures and magical Christmas songs celebrating the true joys of the holiday season. You can also catch Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas on Disney+ as well.

The Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge, a spiteful and miserly man, encounters three spirits on Christmas Eve, who show him the folly of his ways and prompt him to become a better man. This is my personal favourite version of this classic tale.

What are you looking forward to watching on Disney+ this holiday season?

Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Twitter: Facebook:

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  1. Trond M. October 24, 2021

    I'm still waiting for them to put From All of Us to All of You on Disney+. Preferably all variations, but any of them would be a great start.

    1. CrosswalkX November 19, 2021

      Disney Plus is missing my favorite Donald Duck Christmas cartoon shorts. To TROND M. I don't know if you remember back in the 1980s there used to be a Disney Channel Christmas and in that special they included 2 Donald Duck cartoon shorts Donald's Snow Fight 1942 and The Clock Watcher 1945. They also included Mickey's Good Deed 1932. They were my childhood classics that are my favorite. I also liked Toy Tinkers 1949 cartoon short and they're missing Polar Trappers with Donald Duck and Goofy. What the heck is going on. They clearly have been ignoring the Donald Duck cartoon classics and I'm very frustrated with Disney Plus company, I want them to explain why they refuse to show it on Disney Plus because this is very underwhelming and disappointing. I also want them to release The Flying Mouse 1934 Silly Symphony cartoon short. Can you explain to me what's going on because they're missing my favorite darn cartoon shorts.

  2. Naeem Harmon / 300-426-830 (MHID) November 16, 2021

    Home Alone 4 and Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

  3. CrosswalkX November 19, 2021

    What the heck Disney Plus? This is a very underwhelming release. I watched Home Sweet Home Alone 6 and it was awful, I felt sorry for Jeff and Pam who really weren't burglars but desperate couple trying to save their house and family. I didn't like Max and the booby traps, the car crash scene made me very upset and I didn't like seeing Jeff and Pam getting picked on by Max who was a selfish bully and a spoiled brat with a bad family, the worst movie ever. I hope Disney Plus decides to delist Home Sweet Home Alone 6 sequel. Meantime I'll watch Home Alone 1 and 2 instead. Disney Plus is missing my Favorite Donald Duck Christmas shorts. How dare you Disney company for leaving out my 4 favorite Donald Duck Christmas Cartoon shorts. You left out Donald Duck Christmas shorts including Polar Trappers, Donald's Snow Fight 1942, The Clock Watcher 1945, Toy Tinkers 1949 and Mickey's Good Deed 1932. I want an explanation from the Disney Plus staff, I'm very upset and disappointed they won't show Donald Duck The Clock Watcher and Donald's Snow Fight and Toy Tinkers where Donald Duck dresses up like Santa Claus to Chip and Dale. I'm very annoyed with Disney Plus. It's been 2 years now and they completely forgot to release my favorite Donald Duck cartoon shorts I grew up with.