Disney is releasing three new shorts on Disney+ as part of Goofy’s “How To Stay At Home” collection on Disney+ on Wednesday 11th August.

The three shorts include, “How To Wear A Mask”, “Learning To Cook” and “Binge Watching”, which all represent the life we’ve had to live during the pandemic.  These three new shorts were created by Eric Goldberg, who has worked on many of Disney’s biggest films including Pocahontas.

During a recent press conference, Eric explained to us how the shorts came about:

I pitched it in fall of 2020. I think it was fall of 2020, yes, and pitched it to Jennifer Lee and Clark Spencer. I pitched a number of ideas that would be fun for hand-drawn, and they immediately gravitated towards this Goofy idea, this How to Stay at Home. They just thought, “Oh my, it’s so relatable. Everybody has been through all of these stuff. We wound up making three shorts out of it. One is How to Wear a Mask, Learning to Cook, which you just saw, and Binge Watching. Okay, I’m not a great cook, but I know that I’ve been involved with all three of those, especially Binge Watching, because, hey, kind of coincided really well with Disney+ [laughs] and everybody watching stuff during this time.

And also revealed why these shorts are so special to him:

One thing that I love about Goofy’s character is just how physical he is. He is a great physical character, and that really resonates with me. I think it’s one reason I took the How to Wear a Mask film to animate myself because it’s all physical gags. I know our friends here haven’t seen it yet, but when they do, they’ll find out. Part of what makes these characters last for so long is that we recognize them, we recognize ourselves and them, but we also recognize their behaviors, and no matter what situation you put them in, especially somebody like Goofy, he’s still goofy. He still attacks it in this exact same way he would attack any other challenge or issue or subject. It’s a uniquely Goofy take on how he views the world.

The new shorts are based on the classic shorts from the 1940s, however, Eric explained how they tweaked the art style for the new shorts:

We didn’t want it to feel like it just came straight out of the 1940s. Lureline, who did the backgrounds, we encourage her to go more graphic and we gave Goofy a slightly thicker outline just to modernize things a little bit, to show that, yes, we actually made it today, and yet, it certainly harkens back to the traditions that were started with those cartoons.

All three of the new Goofy “How To Stay At Home” shorts are coming to Disney+ on Wednesday 11th August.

Roger Palmer

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