Following the finale of the third season of the animated smash-hit “DuckTales” arriving on Disney Channel in the United States earlier this week, Disney has announced that the third season will soon be coming to Disney+.

The third season of “DuckTales” will be coming to Disney+ in the United States on Friday 30th April.  While the wait will be much less for international fans as the third season will be coming to Disney+ in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland later this week on Friday 19th March, since the Disney Channel no longer airs in these countries.

Based on the Emmy-Award-winning series treasured by a generation of viewers, Disney’s Emmy Award-nominated animated comedy-adventure series “DuckTales” chronicles the high-flying adventures of Duckburg’s most famous trillionaire Scrooge McDuck; his mischief-making triplet grandnephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie; temperamental nephew, Donald Duck; and the trusted McDuck Manor team: big-hearted, fearless chauffer/pilot Launchpad McQuack, no-nonsense housekeeper Mrs. Beakley and Mrs. Beakley’s granddaughter, Webby Vanderquack, resident adventurer and the triplet’s fierce friend.

The first two seasons of the revival “DuckTales” series are already available on Disney+, in addition to the classic series from the 80s.

Are you excited to see the third season of “DuckTales” on Disney+ soon?

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  1. Rachel April 5, 2021

    It's April, I love in australia and I don't see season three. Am I missing something?

  2. Phillip April 11, 2021

    Ducktales Season 3 did not arrive in Australia. When I talked to Disney+ Help about it, they told me it wasn’t even scheduled. Who messed up?

  3. Bonni April 21, 2021

    I'm in the UK. We have had the first 11 episodes of Season 3 for a few weeks. I was hoping this article meant the rest of the episodes would be added on Friday the 19th but they haven't been. We've still just got the first 11. Can you provide an update regarding when the rest of the episodes will be put up?

  4. Kat April 28, 2021

    Can anybody tell me when us over here in Canada are getting it?

  5. Clutter May 2, 2021

    ok so it is may 2nd and season 3 was supposed to air on April 30th but it hasn't for people located in Canada. why is this?

    1. JD May 11, 2021

      The article said 'in the United States'.

  6. Mats May 11, 2021

    When will DuckTales season 3 come to Norway ??

    1. Jenn May 13, 2021

      Hi, So I've been absolutely loving the DuckTales reboot on DisneyPlus but we currently only have the 1st 2 seasons in Canada. Any idea when season 3 will be posted?

  7. Corbin May 23, 2021

    May 23rd and I don't see season 3 yet, even tho I'm in America

  8. Garth May 24, 2021

    Disney strikes again... Duck tales season three is... not as good. It looks different, it feels different. My sone and I have bonded watching season one and two... the season three and it was different from the start. Disney cheaped out and changed the animation. Typical Disney, get something fun and cheap it out! I am sorry if you like the show and all that... I am just disappointed in a multibillion-dollar company dumbing down their show to save a few bucks!

  9. Ray August 2, 2021

    So... When is season 3 of Ducktales coming to Norwegian Disney+?