The Disney Streaming Team, who are the experts behind Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+, recently held their first ever “Hackathon” event, where over 260 employees participated across seven time zones and produced more than fifty projects.

This was Disney Streaming’s first Hackathon as a unified organization, and the theme of this year’s event was “One Dream, One Stream, One Stream,” a celebration of the shared goals, stories and people that make Disney Streaming great.

During the event, members of the Disney Streaming team came up with some ideas that could potentially be added to Disney+ in the future.  Again, its important to stress that all projects from this event are purely Hackathon ideas, and may or may not hit production in the future!

One idea that stood out, which could possibly be a useful addition for US subscribers is a Cross Bundle Search

The Disney Streaming Bundle provides subscribers with a tremendous variety of content — which is awesome — but some viewers might find themselves searching in all three apps to locate something specific. This project aims to solve that by providing a single search across Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.

This idea could certainly help people find content easier, (but maybe not as easy as if it was just in one app!).

There was also some other ideas such as introducing a coming soon calendar into the app and also a way of sharing free episodes with friends.

Disney recently added a Coming Soon area on the Disney+ home page, but could a calendar work?

This Hackathon event is all about letting the Disney Streaming team wild and seeing what could be created.  This is where ideas can flow and be tested.  While these ideas don’t necessarily mean they can be brought into Disney+, as there might be many other technical and legal issues to deal with, but with the Disney Streaming team being allows to let their ideas go wild. Hopefully, we might see these ideas get fleshed out into future updates for Disney+.

Just a reminder, these are just potential upgrades to Disney+ and may not actually be put into production.

What do you think of these ideas?


Source – Disney Streaming

Roger Palmer

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  1. ScionStorm November 19, 2021

    I want a Block Playlist feature to replicate blocks of television programming. You can choose the number of blocks for the playlist. You can add and organize shows to stream. One episode will stream for each show and then a new Block will start with the next episode of each show. If a show runs out of episodes the next block cycles back to the first episode. You can choose which episode of each show the playlist starts with. In individual Blocks of the playlist you can also change the number of episodes streaming for any show for that block and you can also add a new show to the playlist starting in that block. I also still want a music video/musical clip section on Disney+ and the ability to compose playlists from Disney records and Hollywood records music on Disney+.

  2. ItsMe November 19, 2021

    I like the idea of the coming soon calander would be a great idea! The new thing have up is good but if they had a full menu of everything that is confirmed and the dates they are due

    1. ScionStorm November 20, 2021

      First management would have to get their act together. Before adding a calendar they would actually have to be sure when things are supposed to be added. Theyissed the Wednesday release window this week and the titles that were supposed to be added didn't get on Disney+ until today. That's way too sloppy to be expecting them to commit to a full public calendar.