Many of the most popular shows currently available on Disney+ are modern animated series featuring classic Walt Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald and, Goofy.  Disney is once again diving back into its huge bag of established characters for “Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life”, to bring the two tiny troublemaking chipmunks a new lease of life for a new generation.  With well-established characters like Pluto also making appearances in the show.

There are 12 episodes within this first series, and I’ve seen the first two in advance of the first episode arriving on Disney+ this Wednesday, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday afterwards.

Each episode consists of three 7 minute stories, all of which stand on their own and aren’t connected to one another.  So they are great for kids to just pop on and be entertained.   With Chip ‘n’ Dale now living in a park (Park Life!? Get it!), it means they have a much easier way of introducing new characters and different scenarios.

The show is created by French animation studio, Xilam Animation, which has a very modern and colourful art style, that brings these characters up to date and in line with another Disney+ animated series, “The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse”.

Chip ‘n’ Dale have been around since the early 1940s, but this feels like one of the biggest shakeups to the characters since the 1980s Afternoon series “Rescue Rangers”.  This was when I fell in love with these characters, and honestly, whenever I see these characters at a Disney resort, my eyes still light up all these years later.    For me personally, Chip ‘n’ Dale are my favourite original characters. While the animation style isn’t traditional, I completely understand that this show is for a brand new generation and not made for adults.

That being said, the humour is still there, and adults like myself will no doubt enjoy the show, but it’s not made for us, though there are some gags in there I’m sure we’ll enjoy.  Especially seeing Chip getting obsessed with internet shopping deliveries or appearing to brutalise a mole with a stick, making Chip out to be a psychopathic killer (don’t worry, he isn’t).    This isn’t what I was expecting from “Park Life”, and I found it really entertaining, so I’m sure a kid will find it even funnier.

“Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life” is a fun new version of these classic characters for a new generation of fans.  It’s full of bright colours, squeaky chipmunks, insane pilots and full of fun, that smaller Disney+ viewers are going to adore.  But classic fans might struggle to see a new take on these classic characters as they enjoy cute Japanese videos on their tablet or busk for acorns.  I think the show is an amusing and enjoyable new take on the characters, that kids are just going to keep hitting “rewind”, so they can keep watching the same episodes over and over again.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The first episode of “Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life” is coming to Disney+ on Wednesday 28th August.


Roger Palmer

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