Disney and Warner Brothers join forces to unite animation and live-action in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” When Roger is accused of murdering a wealthy businessman who was photographed playing Patty Cake with Roger’s wife Jessica, it’s up to down on his luck private investigator Eddie Valiant to prove Roger’s innocence and help save Toontown from […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Club Review Podcast episode, Roger and Jeremy discuss their thoughts on the “Caravan Of Courage” Ewok Adventure film, which is part of the Star Wars Vintage Collection. If you enjoy our podcast, please consider supporting it via our Patreon or as a YouTube Channel Membership from as little as […]

The “Toy Story” toys are back and getting ready to celebrate not having to lay still when Bonnie and her family go on vacation over Christmas in “Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation.” Meanwhile, Ken and Barbie have snuck away from the daycare in Bonnie’s backpack because Ken thinks Bonnie will be taking that bag to […]

“The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” is back this week with two new shorts on Disney+. In “Houseghosts,” town residents get rid of a house that is haunted by ghosts. When Mickey sees they are homeless, he wants to help and lets them live at his house. They end up taking over his house and […]

Walt Disney Animation is releasing five new shorts on Disney+ on Wednesday 4th August, as part of the second batch of “Short Circuit” innovative and experimental short film program where anyone at the Studio can pitch an idea and potentially be selected to create their own short, marks the fifth anniversary of the program’s inception. […]

When Fritz takes a vacation, Duncan and Tyler accidentally cause a citywide power outage in Monstropolis. That leads to MERC sending an investigator to look into what caused the outage and puts the entire MIFT team in danger of dismissal or even banishment in the latest episode of “Monsters at Work,” entitled “The Cover Up.” […]

In the penultimate episode of the series, tensions are at fever pitch as “The Mysterious Benedict Society” get closer to stopping the evil Dr Curtain from using his “Whisperer” to do something terrifying to the world, through his subliminal messaging machine. The kids are getting closer to working out what’s going on, but Kate becomes […]

After a years delay, Disney’s next big summer blockbuster “Jungle Cruise” hits finally hits cinemas and Disney+ Premier Access on July 30th.  The film stars Dwayne Johnson as Frank the Skipper, with Emily Blunt, playing Dr. Lily Houghton,  who is an explorer who wants to track down an ancient tree with unparalleled healing abilities, that […]

Many of the most popular shows currently available on Disney+ are modern animated series featuring classic Walt Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald and, Goofy.  Disney is once again diving back into its huge bag of established characters for “Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life”, to bring the two tiny troublemaking chipmunks a new lease of […]

Crocodiles and alligators have been thought of as the dominant predator in fresh water while sharks are the dominant predator in salt water. But, in “The Croc That Ate Jaws,” we learn more about what happens when these two predators cross paths. This documentary focuses on the coasts of Florida, South Africa and Australia; three […]

“Turning The Tables” is a brand new four-episode series hosted by“Good Morning America” and ABC News co-anchor Robin Roberts hosts who have an intimate round table conversation with female celebrities including Sofia Carson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Raven-Symoné. Robin sits with three celebrities and askes them questions, but they can also “turn the tables” and […]