“The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild” is the latest original animated film heading to Disney+ and is the sixth film in the Ice Age franchise. This new film’s main plot is that the thrill-seeking possum brothers Crash and Eddie are eager for some independence, so they set out to find a place of their […]

Ever wonder what Thor would be like if he were in an episode of “The Office?” That’s kind of the point of the 2016 Marvel One-Shot, “Team Thor Part 1.” This One-Shot is set up like a satirical documentary that looks at what Thor was possibly doing during the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” […]

“Pam & Tommy” is a brand new limited series that tells the story of how Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s honeymoon sex tape was stolen and how it went on to become a pop-culture moment.  The series stars Lily James (Cinderella) and Sebastian Stan (Marvel’s The Winter Soldier) as Pam & Tommy, with Seth Rogen […]

Following the events of World War II, Agent Peggy Carter is still working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but is now facing sexism from her superiors that she didn’t experience in the events of “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Growing frustrated by not going on missions, she takes it upon herself to go on a […]

Griffin has to help Daisy pretend to be Harper in the present while Harper has to help Sam and Elijah run the farm in the past in the most recent episode of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.” After Topher took the crystal out of the time machine, Harper is stuck in the 1930s while Daisy is […]

Following the battle of New York, SHIELD has recovered all Chitauri artifacts that fell from the sky that day except for one. Now, Agent Sitwell must recover a gun in the latest Marvel One-Shot, “Item 47.” The Chitauri gun has been found by a down and out couple. When the man figures out how to […]

Marvel takes its heroes and anti-heroes to a new level in the new TV series, “Hit-Monkey.” This series is available on Hulu in the United States while falling under the Star section of Disney+ internationally. In the first episode, an American assassin kills a Japanese politician before being attacked by the group of people who […]

The company that has made children happy for more than 100 years takes on the story of the boy who never grows up in “Peter Pan.” The 1953 animated film follows Peter Pan as he takes Wendy, Michael and John to Neverland to live with him and the lost boys. But, when Tinkerbell becomes jealous […]

A young elephant is ashamed of his trunk after being mocked by the other animals where he lives, but learns to love it when he uses it to save his tiger girlfriend in “Elmer Elephant.” The young tiger is celebrating her birthday and Elmer is showing up with a present. But, when she goes up […]

Harper and Daisy switch places while Topher learns about the bomb shelter while trying to get the ghost to write something in the mirror in the second episode of the second season of “Secrets of Sulpher Springs.” Harper is curious as to what is happening in the 1930s, so she and Griffin travel through time, […]

Disney+ is filling out its Marvel library by adding some of the one shots that connected the early movies in the days before we knew the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be a hit. One of the first is “The Consultant” which establishes how Tony Stark helped the agency after the events of “Iron […]

There are more mysteries surrounding the Tremont Hotel and the Campbell and Dunn families in season 2 of the Disney Channel series, “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.” After Savannah returns with a picture of a girl who looks exactly like Harper, Griffin joins the girls as they travel through time to the 1930s to see if […]