With the National Geographic new show Genius: Aretha Franklin, being delayed to production issues caused by the Coronavirus situation, National Geographic have announced that it is pulling forward the release date for its upcoming series, Barkskins to Memorial Day, May 25th. Barkskins examines the mysterious massacre of settlers in the vast and unforgiving wilds of […]

Disney has announced details of a brand new series called “Prop Culture”, which is coming to Disney+ on Friday May 1st 2020. The series consists of 8 episodes and is hosted by collector Dan Lanigan, who has the chance to go inside the Disney archives and uncover some of its greatest treasures. The show revisits […]

Disney has announced that the Simpsons short, Maggie Simpson in “Playdate with Destiny” will be coming to Disney+ around the world on Friday April 10th. The film begins on a day that seemed like just another day at the park for Maggie Simpson. But when Maggie faces playground peril, a heroic young baby whisks her […]

A Disney+ series based on the popular Kingdom Keepers book series is currently in early development according to film director/actor Kevin Smith.  During his recent episode of the Fat Man Beyond show, they were talking about the idea of building a X-Men style Danger Room and how good it would be to film things in […]

Disney has released a new trailer for what’s coming to Disney+ in the United States & Canada in April, which includes many major movies such as Onward, Dolphin Reef, Elephant, Penguins, along with series such as Sonny with a Chance and much more. Check out the trailer below: Check out the full list by clicking […]

Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming National Geographic documentary “Jane: The Hope”, which is the next chapter of Dr. Jane Goodall’s life’s work. The documentary film ‘JANE’ is a phenomenon – but it’s only part of the story. The film covers the remarkable journey of 26 year old Jane Goodall as a […]

Disney has released its “NEXT” update for what’s coming to the UK in April and it has confirmed that the following movies will be coming to Disney+ later this month. This is in addition to the previously announced Disney+ Originals such as “The Mandalorian”, “Dolphin Reef”, “Elephant” and many.  Click here for the full release […]

Disney has confirmed that Pixar’s Onward will be coming to Disney+ in Canada on Friday April 3rd.  This is the same day the movie will be added to Disney+ in the United States. “While we’re looking forward to audiences enjoying our films on the big screen again soon, given the current circumstances, we are pleased […]