The term “Netflix Killer” has been thrown around ever since Netflix launched its streaming service, but the use of the term kicked up in November of 2019 with the launch of Disney+. Two years later, Netflix is bigger than ever and whilst Disney+ is quickly catching up internationally.  But recently, in the US, Disney+ seems […]

One of the most popular Disney Video game series of all time is “Kingdom Hearts, which is a Japanese RPG (Role Playing Game) that is developed by Square Enix and owned by Disney. This piece will discuss the main reasons why Kingdom Hearts should be adapted in an anime for Disney+. Reason #1: There Is […]

Disney has adapted many books over the years, including the likes of “Artemis Fowl”, “The Mysterious Benedict Society”, “Peter Pan” and recently “Just Beyond”. But with Disney having a new thirst for content to fill Disney+, Disney has recently announced adaptions of Disney Publishing Worldwide titles, including “Sal & Gabi Break The Universe” and the […]

Disney+ launched in select European countries, including the UK, on March 24th 2020, almost a year later, on February 23rd 2021, Disney+ launched the sixth brand tile, “Star”, in many countries, including the UK, but now, the UK list is seemingly only made up of National Geographic shows and things tossed under Star. Let me […]

On November 12th, Disney is celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of its streaming service, Disney+. On the day, subscribers to Disney+ will be treated to new content releases across the service’s iconic brands, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star in international markets, along with a special presentation on Disney+ for […]

Disney+ is now mostly worldwide and operates in places like parts of Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. With Disney+ operating in so many countries, they need to produce local content to appeal to those markets so, why not dub them and roll those shows out internationally? Let me […]

Yes, I’m back talking about Disney Anime, but this time I will be talking about one specific IP which Disney could utilise as an anime series. That IP is Alita Battle Angel. Let me explain. Reason #1: Alita Has A Ton Of Source Material Let’s start out with one of the most obvious points, the […]

Halloween 2021 is almost upon us, so it’s almost time for the annual Disney HalloweenStream. But I have a different thought bouncing around my mind. Whilst everyone else is watching Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mr Boogedy and The Haunted Mansion, I’ve been thinking about why Disney+ needs an annual Halloween movie. Let’s begin. […]

This week, Disney released its October release schedules for Disney+ in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Both lists are vastly different. In the US, Disney Channel content makes up a large proportion of the content available, while in the UK, the addition of the Star brand means Disney+ gets much more mature content […]

Disney+ launched on November 12th 2019, and launched with a plethora of content from Disney and their related entities, including Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and a handful of movies and shows from their recently acquired 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios and 20th Television). Many subscribers have branded Disney+ a “Netflix Killer”. However, […]

One of the most controversial decisions made by Disney during the pandemic was “Disney+ Premier Access”, which gave Disney its own way of releasing the latest blockbusters at home, but at a premium price point, to ultimately try to recover some of the costs of making the film. Disney has released several films over the […]

Disney is one of the most beloved entertainment brands in the world and has made several large acquisitions to fuel their IP library; Disney+ even has a “Celebrate Black Stories Collection”, so I have to ask Will Disney Ever Do A Celebrate Disabled Stories Collection? Let’s get into it. A Big Issue: Before we start […]

=This past week, Disney announced it would be closing down its Hotstar streaming service in the United States at some point in 2022, moving many shows and films over to Hulu and live sports over to ESPN+.   They didn’t waste any time in starting to migrate users over to the Disney Streaming Bundle, making […]

Since its inception, The Walt Disney Company has been creating animated content starting with short films, before they popularised the animated feature-length film and started making animated TV series later on in the company’s run. Disney+ is a hub for animation, having almost every animated production from Pixar, offering a large breath of Disney Channel […]

Disney+ has had some incredible success since it launched in November 2019, pulling in more subscribers globally in the first year than Disney had expected within 5 years. This has led to Disney executives saying they are going all-in on streaming and especially during the pandemic, made it the most important part of the business. […]