Disney’s 20th Century Studios’ has announced details of the next instalment in the “Planet Of The Apes” franchise, which will be released in 2024. The new film will be called “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”, and it will star Owen Teague (“It”), Freya Allen (“The Witcher”) and Peter Macon (“The Orville”), will begin […]

Disney has announced that the 20th Century Studios and New Regency film, “Barbarian”, will be released in cinemas in Australia on October 20th 2022, and a week later in New Zealand cinemas on October 27th 2022. In “Barbarian,” a young woman traveling to Detroit for a job interview books a rental home. But when she […]

Earlier this year, Disney removed the 20th Century Studios animated movie, “The Peanut Movie”, from Disney+ in the United States due to contracts made prior to Disney purchasing 20th Century Studios. The good news, is that Disney+, in the United States, will be getting the film back on Friday 7th October, 2022. Snoopy, the world’s […]

Amsterdam follows three friends — Valerie, Harold, and Burt — who witness a murder, become suspects themselves, and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in American history. It is set in the 1930s and it has quite the incredible cast. During this interview, the cast and filmmakers discuss how things came together for the […]

In this borderline uncomfortably dark comedy, Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) is obsessed with reaching the very top of the stand up comedy world. Initially, he attempts to get help from his idol Jerry Langford, (Jerry Lewis) but when he’s run around in circles and snubbed whilst trying to get a spot on Langford’s renowned […]

After a 13 year break, 20th Century Studios is taking us back to the world of Pandora with “Avatar: The Way Of Water”, the first of four sequels heading to our screens over the next eight years. Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins […]

Disney’s 20th Century Studios has released the first trailer for the upcoming film, “Rosaline”, which will be released on October 14th 2022, exclusively as a Hulu Original in the U.S. and as a Star Original on Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ in other territories including the UK, Canada and Australia. “Rosaline,” stars Kaitlyn […]

Last night, Disney hosted a special European premiere in London, for the 20th Century Studios film, “Amsterdam”, which was attended by the cast and filmmakers. Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Rami Malek and Andrea Riseborough joined director/writer/producer David O. Russell, producer Matthew Budman and guests on the opulent green and gold carpet outside the Odeon Luxe […]

20th Century Studios and New Regency have announced the UK release date for the horrific thriller “Barbarian”. From a Producer of IT and an Executive Producer of The Ring and The Grudge, the film will open in UK cinemas on Friday 28th October 2022, just in time for Halloween. In “Barbarian”, a young woman traveling […]

20th Television is developing a new drama series called “We Were The Lucky Ones”, which will star Joey King and is based on Georgia Hunter’s bestseller about a Jewish family separated at the start of WWII yet determined to survive and reunite. According to Deadline, Logan Lerman, has joined the cast of the series and […]

Disney’s 20th Century Studios has released a new clip from the upcoming film, “Amsterdam”, and announced that advance tickets are now on sale for the latest film from acclaimed writer/director David O. Russell, are now available for purchase at Fandango or wherever tickets are sold. From 20th Century Studios, New Regency, and acclaimed filmmaker David […]

Avatar is coming back to theaters for a two-week limited-time engagement on September 23rd, and in celebration of this, the cast recalls their favorite memories from making the film. Avatar was initially released in theaters in 2009, and the long-awaited sequel comes out this December. Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, and he didn’t have to […]

20th Century Studios has recently released the Bollywood film, “Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva,” in cinemas around the world and it is the opening chapter in India’s first original cinematic universe, the Āstraverse Inspired by deeply rooted concepts and tales from India’s ancient history yet set in the modern world, “Brahmāstra: Part One— Shiva” is an […]

Disney held a special world premiere event at the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center for the upcoming 20th Century Studios film, “Amsterdam”. The cast and filmmakers from the film, including director/writer/producer David O. Russell, along with Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Andrea Riseborough, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Rami Malek, Timothy Olyphant, Robert […]

Disney has announced that the 20th Century Studios film, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” is coming soon to Disney+ in the United States. Chipmunk singing sensations Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back for an encore in this hilarious “squeakquel” packed with more action and more nutty fun for the whole family! When a concert […]