This is it, the “Big Sky” mid-season finale that feels more like a season finale in an explosive episode that doesn’t disappoint and ends in a way, I wouldn’t have expected when the season started.

In this episode, we finally see everything come together and make a little more sense, with the episode focusing on two main plots.

The biggest story of this episode sees the two private detectives, Jenny and Cassie track down Ronald to his home, who along with local law enforcement, try to arrest Ronald and save the paperboy.   There is plenty of action and excitement in seeing them raid the house and finding Ronald’s mother, Helen in the freezer.  After weeks of running around, its great to see everything come into place, though as you might expect, not everything goes to plan, leading to a thrilling car chase!

Then there is the other storyline involving Big Rick and his wife, Merliee, who is still saying he can’t remember anything about kidnapping young girls and selling them into the sex trade in Canada.  Merliee has her own suspissions about Big Rick and thinks back over their time together as a married couple, leading her to a shocking realisation that leaves the episode on a major cliffhanger.

That’s not the only cliffhanger in this episode, but when this episode ended, I felt like the main story did get some closure, while still leaving things open for the future.

I absolutely loved this episode and the whole series up to this point, it’s been my favourite “Star Original”, since it has plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you engaged.   I do enjoy a good investigative police drama, with a story ark that spreads over multiple episodes. Slowly peeling back the layers and allowing you to think about who did what and why.

The “Big Sky” mid-season finale didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait for more.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Episode 9 of “Big Sky” arrives on Disney+ in the UK, Australia and other regions on Friday 9th April.

Roger Palmer

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