After the shocking cliffhanger of last weeks episode, we see just how tough the Kleinsassers family really are and how they will do anything to not just survive but are willing to do anything to stay the top dog in the family.

The detectives are pretty much split at this point, Jenny is focused on trying to find out who killed Blake, while Cassie heads back to follow a new lead about Ronald.

It’s been an interesting second half of “Big Sky” so far, with two different plots going on at once. I’m still enjoying the fall out of the original storyline, with Ronald on the run and becoming even more deranged, as his girlfriend’s sister recognises him from the wanted posters. This leads to a very uncomfortable scene with Ronald unleashing his evil twisted side once again. His mild-mannered nice guy persona is so chilling, when you know how bad he is. It’s great television.

On the other side, we have the Kleinsassers family storyline, with Jenny trying to solve the mystery of who framed Blake, but now, who killed him. The Kleinsassers family are all nasty characters, who you instantly take a dislike too and they keep teasing us viewers with an insight into why they are being protected by the police at all costs and why everyone is scared of them.

“Big Sky” is still one of my new favourite shows on Disney+ right now, it’s got some really dark elements to it, while set in the peaceful settings of Montana. It’s such a contrast but also so much more interesting, because life in the country is so different to a city. I’m really enjoying something different. And that’s one of the key things about the addition to Star onto Disney+, we are getting much more variety and with over half a dozen original episodes coming out each week right now, it’s much more enjoyable having a darker drama series to go alongside the more fun fantasy shows like “Loki”, “High School Musical” and “The Bad Batch”.

While this episode isn’t fantastic, they move the story along nicely enough to keep me interested and to see where it’s all going. Especially with another big explosive cliffhanger that shows you just how nasty and crazy the Kleinsassers family is.

Rating – 4 out of 5

New episodes of “Big Sky” are released onto Disney+ every Friday in many countries including the UK and Australia.

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