In this episode, Cassie and Jenny work against the clock to find Ronald and prove Big Rick’s guilt, bringing in Grace to help track down the fisherman who tried to help her, but was sadly shot with a bow and arrow by Big Rick.  Sadly it looks like this might be the end of Grace and Danielle appearing in the series. However, it makes sense with the storyline.

This episode also sees Ronald’s emotions raging out of control as he feels the pressure building, resulting in an incredible scene where he makes an unthinkable decision, even for him.   It’s truly shocking and makes Ronald a much more dangerous villain, which ultimately leads you as a viewer, wanting to seem him get his comeuppance.   This episode has a truly shocking cliffhanger that just makes you want to watch the next episode, but sadly you’ve got to wait a week!

Meanwhile, Big Rick’s wife Merilee continues to struggle with coming to terms that her husband isn’t the good-natured state trooper she thought he was.  This makes her turn to Ronald, who is offering her someone to talk to and be that shoulder to cry on.  All while we, as the audience, know what he is really up to.  It’s just great TV.

After the first few episodes were so heavily focused on the girls kidnapping and recovering them, I’ve been enjoying how this series is dealing with the after-effects of that.  The trauma it has caused to all of the characters and how they react to the events unfolding.

Seeing Big Rick completely and conveniently not remembering any of the events of the kidnappings and killings, is so frustrating, which does help when you see Cassie, Jenny and Merilee also not fully believing it too.   Especially when his lawyer, Penelope Denesuk, gets involved, as she is such a nasty character, who will defend her client without any thoughts about how it impacts other people.

“Big Sky” is easily my favourite “Star Original” available on Disney+ right now, and I can’t praise this show enough right now.  I’m totally hooked.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Episode 7 of “Big Sky” arrives on Disney+ in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on Friday 26th March.

Roger Palmer

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