With the series hitting the mid-season point during this episode, we’ve got past the introduction stage of the core characters and now starting to get into much more interesting storylines.

Following last weeks episode focusing on Olive’s social media deception, which isn’t completely dropped, but is pushed to the side as a subplot, this episode has multiple new storylines.

The biggest storyline of this episode sees Louise’s life turned upside down when her dad is arrested and she is desperate for no one to find out.   This news completely throws her off her game and that grabs the attention of the basketball coaches.  It’s an interesting development in the story, especially within the setting of a private school and they really push in on how Louise’s father’s downfall mirrors Coach Korn’s, but the difference is how they might learn from their mistakes.

Mistakes are a major part of this weeks episode, with the other girls in the basketball team learning an important lesson about spreading rumours and finding out what happens when you cheat during an exam.

One of the things I liked about this episode is how other students within the school aren’t happy with the special treatment the basketball team is getting.  This is completely understandable, as it’s a common cliched storyline in US high school and college shows about how being great at sports, means they don’t have to do anything else.  It’s always been something that doesn’t mean much to British audiences, because sport in our school system isn’t seen as anything more than for exercise.

With the characters settling in, we get to see some romance brewing for Coach Korn, even if he’s not completely aware of what’s going on, which is kinda nice to see from a leading male in a series.  His attitude is a bit of a refreshing change to most shows.

At the mid-way point through this season of “Big Shot”, I’ve been really surprised how much I’ve been enjoying this show.     Having more maturer storylines makes a big difference, especially now Disney has three separate High School themed drama series arriving every week.  “Big Shot” has much more grounded and interesting characters, that don’t conform to your typical stereotypes.  Being older, I can relate to the teachers in this series, whereas younger audiences can relate better with the students.  Making the show much more suitable for family viewing, as it has something for everyone.

Rating 4 out of 5

Episode 5 of “Big Shot” arrives on Disney+ on Friday 14th May.

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