The fourth episode of Disney’s basketball high school drama series “Big Shot” arrives on Disney+ this week. In this episode, we see Harper’s exposé on Coach Korn go viral and unsurprisingly, Korn isn’t happy with how it’s received, but for very different reasons than you’d think.

This episode focuses on one main story, which evolves around Marvyn trying to recruit a new player from another school.  As you might expect, nothing goes exactly to plan as Marvyn struggles to deal with the complexities of dealing with high school bureaucracy and not having the financial freedom he had while competing at the college level.

We get to see a much more softer side to Marvyn, not that he likes people seeing that. Still, it helps make him a more interesting character, as we see his character grow episode by episode, as his relationships with other people begin to impact him.  I especially enjoyed his interactions with the school principal, played by Yvette Nicole Brown, as she’s finally able to bring some character to the role.

Now that the introduction phase to the series is over, this episode is able to dive a little deeper into the issues involved in running a high school basketball team.  The tone of this episode is much more grownup than that of “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers”, with the slightly longer episode length allowing more freedom to explore both the students and the teachers’ lives.

One of the other main plots of this episode is about the pressures of social media and the pitfalls of being an influencer. At the same time, this episode deals with it in a simplistic way, it’s nice to see these issues being dealt with as there are many easy traps to fall into when building a social presence.  This episode skims over some of the issues, but I’m impressed a topic like this is addressed, especially as it’s so easy for companies to manipulate people with the promise of money and freebies.

While the main stories of this episode are predictable, especially at one point where it felt like the story could have been stretched out further, but instead, they cut straight to it.  This was a little jarring but also refreshing, since it didn’t waste viewers’ time reaching the conclusion.

“Big Shot” is an interesting Disney+ Original, and I’m really enjoying this drama series.  It’s got a nice balance of adult and teenage problems, making it generally just a more interesting show.  It’s by no means the greatest drama series available right now, but it has plenty of charm and is a great series for the family to watch together.  It’s got something for everyone, and I hope more people check it out, especially as I feel its been overshadowed by the other Disney+ Originals each week.  If you haven’t already done so, check out the first few episodes on Disney+ now to catch up.


Rating 4 out of 5.


Roger Palmer

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