Disne has released details on some of the new nonfiction projects coming to Disney+ as part of their “Investors Day” announcements.   Joining this robust slate includes a new Marvel culture-focused project, which is currently going by the working title of “Marvel’s 616” (working title). This anthological documentary series that explores the intersection between Marvel’s rich […]

One of Disney’s new non-fiction series for its new streaming service, Disney+, is called (Re)Connect.  Which was announced as part of its “Investor Day” event, which will see Disney announce lots of details on its Direct To Consumer products including Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+. Here is the official description for (Re)Connect: Every episode of (Re)Connect focuses […]

Disney+ is set to feature many new series based on Marvel characters including Loki, Vision, Scarlet Witch, The Winter Solider and Falcon, but not every Marvel themed series on Disney+ will be fictional drama pieces. As part of Disney’s early Investor Day announcements, a new series called Marvel’s Hero Project, which reveals the remarkable, positive […]

Disney is set to host its “Investor Day” event on April 11th, where it will be revealing lots of details on its new streaming platform, Disney+.  Just before the event, Disney announced details on some of its new non-fiction shows, which will also be coming at some point to Disney+. One of those new series […]

One of the new non-fiction series announced to be coming to the new streaming service, Disney+, as part of the “Disney Investor Day” early reveals is “Rogue Trip”. Here is the official details on this new series: Bob Woodruff and his 27-year-old son, Mack, take fans to all the places the average tourist wouldn’t typically […]

Just ahead of the Disney Investor Day, where lots of new details on its new streaming service will be announced.  One of the newly announced non-fiction series coming to Disney+, is “Shop Class”, though that name could change as its just a working title. Here are the details: Shop Class (working title) Youthful ingenuity is on […]

It’s 100 days until Disney’s new version of the animated classic, The Lion King, hits cinemas and they’ve released a new trailer to get fans excited for the new movie. Check out the trailer below: Disney’s “The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau (“The Jungle Book”), journeys to the African savanna where a future king […]

Disney+ hasn’t even launched yet but it’s already lost one of its exclusive shows, the reboot of High Fidelity, which will be moving to Disney’s other streaming platform, Hulu. The reason for this is because as the series has been going through production, the series was becoming more mature, which meant it no longer fitted […]

Just ahead of Disney’s upcoming Investors Day, where details on the new streaming service, Disney+, will be revealed, Disney have announced details on the Monsters Inc spinoff series, Monsters At Work, which will be exclusive to Disney+. Disney announced a Monsters Inc sequel was in the works for Disney+ over a year ago, but we’ve […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James discuss all of this weeks Disney+ news including: Disney Unveil 2019 Movie Lineup At CinemaCon Is Wizards Of Waverly Place Returning To Disney+ ? Is A New “Escape To Witch Mountain” Remake Coming To Disney+ ? And the guys share their predictions for the […]

One of the new Disney+ exclusive shows coming to the streaming platform is “Diary of a Female President”, which is a series that follows Elena Nuñez, a Cuban-American 12-year-old girl. Told from the narration of her diary, she navigates the ups and downs of middle school and her journey to becoming the future president of […]

Now that Disney have purchased 21st Century Fox, one of the studios that was included in the sale was Blue Sky Studios, which have been making family animated movies for over 20 years. I wanted to take a look at the Top 5 movies from Blue Sky Studios, that would be a perfect fit for […]

With DisneyNature’s newest movie, Penguins, due to hit cinemas on April 17th, Disney have released a new trailer showcasing 10 years of DisneyNature movies, which also include a few sneak peeks at what’s in store for the next few years. For 10 years, Disneynature has transported moviegoers around the world and under the sea, showcasing […]

Disney have released the soundtrack to the Disney+ Pixar SparkShorts animated short, Kitbull. The music was composed by Andrew Jimenez. Here is the track listing: 1. Mission Opening (0:55) 2. Meet Pit (0:22) 3. Kitten Play (Alternate Version) (0:42) 4. Kitten Play (1:05) 5. The Doorway (0:18) 6. Save Me (0:46) 7. Sad Dog (0:21) […]