Following the recent accusations against actor Armie Hammer, Disney has recently removed the fifth episode of the fifth season of the National Geographic series “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” from Disney+.

In the episode, Golden Globe-nominated actor Armie Hammer pairs with Bear Grylls to scuba dive in search of an underwater sea cave reportedly used by smugglers somewhere off the coast of Sardinia. Along the way, Armie battles his paralyzing fear of heights and samples some local delicacies — and things take an unexpected turn when he gets hijacked in the middle of the expedition.

Here is a picture from my Disney+ account, showing the 5th episode is missing:

Disney hasn’t removed the episode from other digital platforms such as Apple TV or from other streaming services like “NOW” in the United Kingdom.

With the many accusations, including cannibalism, having an episode where he drinks directly from a goat’s teat, Disney looks to have decided to just pull the episode off Disney+.

20th Century Studios film “Death on the Nile” starring Armie Hammer has recently been delayed due to the pandemic. Still, most recently, the film was delayed almost a whole year, from March 2021 until February 2022. While the pandemic is being used as an excuse for the last move, many have speculated that the recent accusations made delaying the film again more likely.

Armie Hammer’s other big Disney film, “The Lone Ranger” had been previously announced via the Disney+ app that the film would be arriving on Disney+ later this month in the United States. However, Disney hasn’t promoted this addition and instead could be heading to Starz instead. The film is already available on Disney+ in many countries.

Source – Laughing Place

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  1. Chris April 18, 2021

    They also seem to have removed The Disney Family Singalong, at least in the United States. Vol. 2 and the Holiday Singalong are still available.