“Timmy Failure” Coming Soon To Disney Plus

Disney is set to bring the “Timmy Failure” novel to its new streaming service, Disney Plus, which is about “an 11-year-old boy who believes he is the best detective in town and runs the agency Total Failure Inc. with his partner, a 1,200-pound, imaginary polar bear, and his sidekick Rollo Tookus.”

British actress Ophelia Lovibond has landed the role of Patty Failure in Disney’s Timmy Failure and the movie is being directed by Tom McCarthy.  With Wrinkle In Time producer Jim Whitaker on board to produce the movie.

The movie went into production and began filming in June in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

“Timmy Failure” has a budget of $42 million and is set to come to Disney Plus in late 2019.

Are you excited for a “Timmy Failure” movie?

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