Taika Waititi Working With Disney On New Flash Gordon Animated Movie

Disney and 20th Century Fox has signed Thor: Ragnarok & Star Wars: The Mandalorian director Taika Waititi to work on an upcoming animated movie based on “Flash Gordon”.

According to Deadline, his camp have said that it’s too early to gauge exactly what his role on the film would be, though its expected that he will be writing and directing the movie.

A new Flash Gordon movie has been in development for a while, though it had been originally planned to be a live-action version, but changing it to an animated film.  While there has been live action versions of Flash Gordon in the past including a major film in 1980 featuring music from Queen, the character originally started as a comic strip back in the 1930’s.

It seems the project is in the very early stages so it could be a while before we see anything on this film.  At which point any existing deals 20th Century Fox has, such as with Starz, will have expired, so Disney will have much more freedom for films to be added to Hulu or Disney+.

Would you like to see a new version of Flash Gordon?


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