Pixar SparkShort’s Purl Score Released

Today, Disney released the soundtrack album to the Disney+ animated short, Purl, which is part of the Pixar Sparkshorts series. The album includes 7 tracks which have been composed by Pimar Toprak, who also worked on Captain Marvel.

Here is a look at the track list:

1. B.R.O. Capital (1:10)
2. First Day on the Job (2:42)
3. Purl Has an Idea (0:24)
4. Happy Hour (1:42)
5. Lacy (0:47)
6. It’s Unbeweavable! (1:01)
7. Purl (0:48)

It also comes with a digital booklet. The album is available to download on digital platforms including Amazon.


Purl will be coming to Disney+ later this year, along with new episodes.

Roger Palmer

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