FX Chief Doesn’t Think FX Belongs On Disney+

During today’s Upfront event in New York, FX chief John Landgraf spoke about how FX is fitting within the Walt Disney Company.

With today’s announcement of Disney gaining control of Hulu, it’s becoming very clear how Disney is organising its content, as when he was asked if FX will fit into the evolving plans for new streaming platform Disney+, he said:

“I don’t think FX belongs on Disney+ at all,”

This is because FX is about making series that push the boundaries and doesn’t fit within  the family-friendly branding that associated with Disney+ series and films, which Landgraf described as “PG, PG-13, but mostly G-rated content.”

However this makes Hulu the perfect platform for FX, since it’s much more focused on adult entertainment.  With Landgraf saying FX “belongs on Hulu.”   There are a few shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy which have been shared out to other platforms like Freeform and Disney+, but FX looks set to be one of the core content providers for Hulu.


Roger Palmer

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