Could Marvel’s The Gifted Come To Disney+ ?

One of Marvel’s current television shows, The Gifted, has not been renewed for a third season by Fox Entertainment (the new Fox spin-off company that Disney doesn’t own, which runs the Fox Channel and Fox News).  The show has been made by 21st Century Fox and while it wasn’t a big ratings winner, it was well received by fans.

The future of the series has been in question ever since the announcement that Disney was buying 21st Century Fox, since Marvel is planning on rebooting all the X-Men characters.  Though Disney will still be releasing the X-Men movies Dark Phoenix and New Mutants at cinemas this summer.

Fans of The Gifted are hoping the series is picked up by Disney for a third season to end the story off.  And with Freeform, Hulu and Disney+ all carrying Marvel shows, Disney could simply carry on production and move it to one of the their own networks for a quick win, while they sort out the X-Men characters future.  However this could also be a easy way of finishing the series off, while letting Fox Entertainment take the blame for the cancellation.

Fox’s other Marvel show, Legion, will end on its last season, however that decision had been made by the creative team.

Another benefit of the Gifted, is unlike other series such as Legion or Daredevil, it’s much more family friendly, so could be an added bonus in moving to Disney+.

Recently showrunner Matt Nix told /Film that he wasn’t sure that the series will return for a third season.

“I don’t anticipate a 22-episode season on broadcast but I’d love to be wrong,”

He also said that:

We have a solid fan base and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming so there may be, my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm.

With plans for a third season already underway and an existing cast and crew already assembled, hopefully Marvel decides to let the Gifted continue on Disney+ or Hulu for a little longer.


Would you like to see The Gifted On Disney+ ?

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  • Benny

    Please pick up the gifted Disney it’s such a great family show with action there are a lot of fans out there that love the show sometimes ratings need to be put second and fan base first

  • Elizabeth

    I know so many people who love ” THE GIFTED” !! Great show! Please continue it to a Season 3. HULU or Disney + would be great! I would watch. Me, husband, and our two teenager kids all watch it!!

  • John

    Hey – love X-Men and related shows. Very cool. Like the GIFTED a lot!! Want to see it go on another year. Getting better and better. I’d like it on Hulu! Tks.

  • Elizabeth

    I know so many people who love “THE GIFTED”!! It is a great show! Please keep it going for Season 3 and beyond – on Disney+ or HULU. We would follow. Me, my husband, and our two teenager kids watch it. Great writing, too. — Liz

  • Tanya

    I would get Hulu or Disney plus fit The Gifted.

  • Tanya

    I would get Hulu or Disney plus forThe Gifted. It is a great show!!

  • Tonya S.

    The Gifted has devoted fans in myself and my husband. The way Season 2 ended begs for another season! Please Disney pick it up!!

  • Isaiah Isaac

    I really want to see the gifted air in either Hulu or Disney it’s a great show and it’s has transform my view on family and also draw me closer to my family, please Disney+ or Hulu pick it up 😭🤦🙏.

  • Boundless

    Please continue the gifted legion and all netflix marvel shows on disney plus

  • Ashley

    Please bring it back i love love love this show and how they are like a family and have each others back and how they have awesome powers…lol they should have a 3rd one i dont get how they could do that u know just end a season like that when the show is really really good makes me alittle upset some its not fair I can see if it wasn’t really good and there wasn’t any ratings but you can’t sit there and say the show wasn’t a hit like come on let’s be real for a sec this show was such a hit and then you cutr it off like that please please bring it back

  • Kristin

    Yes, please finish off the ending story plot of the gifted.
    My husband,younger daughter, and myself would love to watch!!

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